The team at Hartung Electric is fully certified so our clients have the highest quality electrical work possible. In Wisconsin, certified electricians must either complete an apprenticeship program or have a minimum amount of experience in installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical wiring, plus they must pass an exam administered by the Department of Commerce. Find out if the electrician you’re using is fully certified at

For commercial construction projects, we are experts in Design-Build employing certified designers and CAD personnel able to respond to the unique needs of your job.

Our estimators are experts in analyzing your projects and specifying the right materials and support team to meet your need. Each job is individually reviewed and spec’d. Our electricians are fully certified and skilled at on-the-job troubleshooting bringing our clients immediate service to meet their job requirements.

  • Our electricians have completed apprenticeships
  • Most are journeyman, and several have earned master electrician status.
  • All are continually trained and certified in our safety program.


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